Our mission is to help food brands grow through recipe marketing

Helping brands excel at recipe marketing

We are helping brands build digital relationships with their customers and promote recipe content online. Mealz is developing the most advanced software and recipe marketing solutions, all designed to enhance customer loyalty and increase profitability.

The potential of recipe marketing

Internet has made its way into 80% of homes. Millions of people every day are using search engines to find recipes, cooking tips and culinary videos.

However, food brands are struggling to get their content noticed, as the industry is dominated by just a few platforms.

Our goal is to help brands get their high quality content noticed, and engage with customers through online channels.

"39% of consumers report having made a purchase of some kind from their kitchens."
Google Consumer Survey
"59% of 25- to 34-year-olds head to the kitchen with either their smartphones or tablets."
Google, Inc.
"The most beautiful thing about food is that it brings us all together and helps us understand the people around us."
-- Sofia Fominova, Founder and CEO