White Label Recipe Platform

Mealz White Label software allows food brands to rapidly establish a professional and fully branded recipe hub.
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Create your own recipe hub

Enable content creators to share recipes with their branded ingredients.

Mealz Recipe Hub helps food brands generate and share branded content across a focused audience base to boost customer engagement. By integrating the Mealz recipe platform into their website and collaborating with content creators on it, food brands can build large and loyal communities.

Manage all your recipes

Mealz White Label allows brands to rapidly establish a professional, feature-rich recipe hub on their own domain name.

Gorgeous home for your recipes

Food brands can customise the look and feel of their recipe platform and offer a unique cooking experience without the need to write any code.

Empower content creators

Creating a hub where the food brands, influencers and home cooks come together and become a part of one strong community has never been easier!

Establish a community

With the rise of social media and content marketing, customers demand two-way communication with companies and want to feel closer to the brands that they love.

Designed to drive consumer loyalty, Mealz’s software enables food brands to work directly with content creators and to offer an interactive and engaging experience for people who search for recipes online.

Generate engagement through advanced functionality

Allow your customers to create and share their own recipes, cooking videos, cookbooks and daily meal plans. Our automatically generated shopping lists make grocery shopping easier than ever.

Power users and regular cooks can leverage professional meal planning tools, as well as organise personal collection of recipes in their account within your white label platform.

Get started with Mealz White Label

Delight your customers with a professional recipe platform.
Grow your sales through ingredient marketing.
Get your platform live in two weeks.

White label Features

Feature-packed recipe platform for businesses

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Manage all your online recipes

Easily upload recipes, articles and cookbooks to your recipe platform through multi-user accounts. Invite third party content creators to contribute to your collection.

Create a perfect platform for search and social

Let Mealz take the heavy lifting in optimising your platform for search and all latest social media platforms, allowing your brand to target customers wherever they are.

Productivity tools to delight your users

Leverage the platforms's productivity tools, such as meal planner and shopping list generator, to give your customers a reason to keep coming back to your recipe hub.

Create and share beautiful  cookbooks and meal plans

More than just recipes - deliver value to users through cookbooks, meal plans, and other forms of engaging, interactive content.

Grow a community

Encourage users to create accounts, spark the conversation. Grow a strong and engaged community.

Mealz white labeL

Business Edition

Fully customisable interface
Your own domain name
All features from Mealz.com
Migration of your content
Reporting and Analytics
per month
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Establish a professional recipe hub
Use the only purpose-built recipe platform for food brands to revamp your digital presence.
Grow engagement through advanced functionality
Leverage advanced features such as meal planning and recipe organisation to increase customer engagement.
Make your recipes found
Mealz White Label comes optimised for SEO, and all content automatically meets all latest recipe schema requirements from search engines.